Message of Chief Justice

Message of “Qanoonpoh” Sayed Yousuf Halim

Head of the Supreme Court of I.R.Afghanistan

Dear Esteemed Judges!

Judges have a special place in all human societies including our own beloved country Afghanistan, and they act upon their authorities in accordance with the constitution, Law on Structure and Authorities of Judiciary and other laws.

The authorities of the Judiciary as it is stated in Article 121 of the constitution, are; assessing the conformity of laws, legislative decrees, interstate and international treaties with constitution, and the interpretation of these materials based on the request of the government or courts in accordance with the provisions of the law.

As everyone have studied Afghanistan’s constitution, more than anything else it has concentrated on the principal rights and obligations of citizens, and since other laws are drafted and approved in the light of constitution thus the duty with the most responsibility of confirming laws and decrees with the constitution has been assigned to the Judiciary, which makes Judiciary the supporter and symbol of justice in the society.

In today’s world where observation of citizen’s right makes the fundamentals of organizing relations, the role of the Judiciary and courts in this regard is really important and valuable.