General Directorate Finance and Administrative َAffairs

Administrative and Financial Department is responsible to assist the Supreme Court in terms of finance, budgeting, logistics, transportation, and maintenance as follows:

Administrative and Finance Department:

Based on functional lines, resolves allocation and budgetary issues of Supreme Court and after approval; formulates and budgets all requirements based on financial, accounting, and budgetary regulations through Ministry of Finance.

Resolving budgetary issues of the Supreme Court, as an independent pillar of the government by considering the budgetary standards, which consists of huge complexities and all the budgetary forms and tables are prepared according to the accepted standards. Also, the employees of this section utilize budget related Seminars and Workshops launched by the Ministry of Finance, or Justice and Judiciary funded projects by USAID.


Transport section:

One of the main duties of HR Department is to attain transportation needs of the Supreme Court, while transportation necessities of authorities are already solved; about 13 buses are assigned by the Supreme Court for transferring employees and officers as well as providing further discipline in this regard. Also, 12 Buses from Private Sector are contracted to serve in this regard. Contribution of this Administration in providing Administrative discipline in terms of transportation and timely transformation of officers are remarkable and drastic.


Construction Section

Construction Department is responsible for registering and maintaining properties of the Supreme Court, in addition, the Department undertakes planning and designing of short and long term plans to repair and construct new offices in order to meet requirements of the courts at districts and provinces and in keeping with the policies and standards of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, takes steps to implement these plans in case of availability of budget.

As it has been reported in previous publications of the gazette, in this regard using available budget and attracting funds from national and international resources for tens of court buildings have been reconstructed and many buildings built in districts and provinces to be used by the courts. The operations budget of the Supreme Court has so far been used to meet these needs. It is hoped that the development budget of the Supreme Court will be approved to physically develop and expand the Judiciary.