General Directorate of Scrutiny and Studies

Research and Studies General Department operates as a professional department based on article 21 of Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts of Judiciary. This department carries out the following affairs according to the law, regulations and respective mandate.

  1. Scrutinizing causes related to Court and correctional responsibilities of judges after comments of Judicial Audit Department and referring them to the High Council of the Supreme Court.
  2. Reviewing courts’ request for guidance and preparing advisory comments for them.
  3. Preparing advisory comments for courts’ request for guidance and referring them to the head of Supreme Court’s High Council.
  4. Initial preparation of the following affairs and submitting them to the High Council of Supreme Court for further contemplation and receiving legal permit:
    1. Preparing legal descriptions related to provisions of the respective laws.
    2. Organizing legislative affairs of the Supreme Court in Judiciary.
    3. Scrutinizing laws concerning their conformity with the constitutions.
    4. Drafting, preparing, and checking accuracy of regulations, instructions, guidelines, and internal TORs of the Supreme Court’s respective offices and courts.
    5. Preparing reports and making comments on other issues as assigned by the Supreme Court’s High Council
  5. Organizing affairs of judicial seminars:
    1. Collecting issues to be discussed in the seminar.
    2. Coordinating guidance requests and content of the seminar.
    3. Preparing agenda of the seminar with cooperation of the respective commission.
    4. Scrutinizing approvals of the seminar and referring them the High Council of Supreme Court.
  6. Regarding judicial education:
    1. Preparing the plan for judicial awareness raising programs through mass media with cooperation of the respective commission and understanding of the Publications Department.
    2. Scrutinizing text books and study-materials for Judicial Stage and other judicial training programs.
    3. Scrutinizing legal works that are to be published.
    4. Scrutinizing educational works in order to promote judicial Cadre level of the judges.
  7. Representing the Supreme Court of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in legal seminars, conferences and workshops.
  8. Regarding judicial reports:
    1. Studying final decisions of courts in order to describe their causes and incentives.
    2. Organizing judicial reports in accordance with academic standards.
  9. Organizing affairs related to consolidation and promotion of judicial Cadre with cooperation of the respective commission.
  10. Working on simplification of judicial performances through the respective authorized commission.
  11. Performing other duties as assigned by the Chief Justice.